Limmat spring

Limmat spring

The eternal spring

Here, Baden's thermal water bubbles visibly to the surface.
What has been hidden for a long time is finally visible again: Baden's thermal water. The thermal water that represents Baden's origins and the birthplace of Baden's spirit. It is flowing powerfully out of the Limmat spring.

The redesigned spring pavilion encloses the only visible spring fountain in the public area. This bubbling fountain stands symbolically for the reawakening of the baths.

Relax & Immerse

Overnight stay incl. one day's admission to the FORTYSEVEN wellness spa, welcome drink at the hotel as well as small surprise in the room.


Once you arrive at the train station, follow the signs "Grosse Bäder" along Bäderstrasse, via Unterer Bahnhofplatz, to the Kurplatz. From there, the Limmat Spring is just around the corner at the Limmat Promenade.
Kurplatz 2, 5400 Baden

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