Carnival of Baden

Carnival of Baden

Executioner light the fire...

... the carnival of Baden is about to begin!
The Badenerfasnacht is an integral part of the culture and customs of the city of Baden and takes place from Dirty Thursday, 16 February to Ash Wednesday in the city centre. For several decades, a varied programme consisting of street carnival, schnitzelbanks and parades has guaranteed a colourful hustle and bustle in the city. The various events are known far beyond the city and cantonal borders and attract over 10,000 carnival enthusiasts from young to old from all over Switzerland to Baden every year.

16. - 22. february 2023
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Badge Subject 2022 «XLVII»

After a year without the carnival of Baden, things will be hot again in Baden during the clownish days of 2022, really hot - a whole 47 degrees. The fans of the carnival in Baden had to get by without carnival for "only" one year. The wellness fans of Baden, on the other hand, waited many years until their brand-new temple finally opened last autumn. With the FORTYSEVEN a new era is dawning in Baden's millennium-old spa district. Mario Botta's imposing building is a symbol of this new era. This is why the guild of Spanischbrödli Baden is dedicating a carnival to this new era with its motto: XLVII ° i.e. 47 °. Dare to jump into the hot carnival tub and feel the heat of intense exuberance.

For Carnival participants it is a point of honour to wear an official carnival badge. Furthermore, with the official carnival badge (even without a costume) you can travel free of charge on carnival Saturday, 26 February (start of service) until carnival Sunday, 27 February (end of service) on the entire RVBW bus network and all Post bus lines to and from Baden free of charge!

Buy the badge

Patron badge:
- Fr. 40.00 (limited, numbered)
- Available via or Mobile 079 828 45 79

Metal badge:
- CHF 10.00
- Available from the guild of Spanischbrödli, the Guggenmusik and the carnival groups. Or at the official advance booking offices: RVBW sales point, Schwanenapotheke Strasky, ApothekeWyss, Lienhard Fine Jewellery, Spitzbueb bakeries, Metzgerei Müller, Badener Tabakhaus and Miracoolix.

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