Pioneer Trail

Pioneer Trail

Paths through the forest

The pioneers you meet during this walk not only display inventiveness, but have also planted deep roots. That is why they were the first to recolonise the area hit by storm Lothar in the Müseren forest in 1999. Whom do you think we're talking about?

You may have guessed it; we're talking about what are called the pioneer trees. These include, for example, birches, willows or aspen. Thanks to them, a living ecosystem has been able to re-establish itself in the area swept away by the storm. The trees serve as a habitat for numerous, sometimes even rare species. Butterflies, birds, lichens and many more thrive thanks to the pioneers, whose ecological value is priceless.

It's high time to visit the pioneer trees. On a narrow path, you can explore the woodland with all your senses. Time to marvel, reflect and observe!

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