Blossom Magic

Blossom Magic

Baden blooms

The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping. The delicate buds on the trees are slowly beginning to sprout and nature is putting on its magnificent flower dress.

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You can find the wild relative of plums and prunes around the castle ruins.
In April, countless white blossoms decorate its thorny branches. Their nectar attracts numerous insects. But there is no sign of leaves yet!
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The impressive magnolia in the Kurpark is about one hundred years old. Its branches lean heavily to the ground.
In early April, countless blossoms are opening and offer you a magnificent sight!
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Cherry Blossom
You see a white cloud of blossoms on a trunk? That must be a cherry tree!
The flowering time of cherry trees depends on the temperature and has advanced by 10 days in the past few years. Nectar and pollen are a feast for bees and other insects.
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Norway maple
Maples are very common in Baden. You come across them mainly along roads.
In spring they show their best side. When other trees are still bare, maples blossom and shine in a fresh yellow-green.
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The forest greens up

Within a few days, more precisely from 26 April to 1 May, our forest changes its colour to green in one swoop.
Beech trees are the most common forest tree in the area. Their buds begin to open in the exact same days every year, regardless of the temperature.

beech tree

The green oases

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