The only way to take it slow here is to curl! Discover our active program for your event.

Curling Fun for Everybody

Curling stands for fun, comradery and team spirit. Go on the ice and spend two unforgettable hours with your colleagues in the Curling Center Baden Regio. This fun activity can take place irrespective of weather conditions and is an exciting sportive event for you and your colleagueas, family or friends. After the introduction into the «spirit of curling» and a short instruction, plenty of time remains for a competition on the ice. Fun and action are thereby first priority!

Bavarian curling

On the artificial ice rink, concentration and precision are required for "Zahlenschiessen" (Blattlschiessen). A rack with movable, hanging numbers from 1 to 10 is set up at the end of the ice rink. The number 10 is in the middle. The goal is to hit the highest possible number with the ice stick. At the end, the points through which the ice stick has passed are added up to determine the winner. A great idea as a side activity for your Christmas party or even with the whole family.

Dinghy tours on rivers in the Aargau Region

Nature, adventure, fun and team spirit are on the programm. On the Limmat, Aare, Reuss or Rhein, information about nature, landscape and culture is provided. Additional catering can be provided. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed.


Erkunden Sie auf der Segwaytour Spannendes zur Region Baden und erleben Sie das aussergewöhnliche Fahrerlebnis. Das Vergnügen des Segwayfahrens beginnt bereits beim persönlichen Einfahrtraining, wobei Ihnen der sichere Umgang mit dem intuitiven Gerät gezeigt wird. Die abwechslungsreiche Tour ist geprägt von schönen Uferwegen, historischen Altstadtgassen und Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt Baden.

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